Are the disabled ‘afflicted’?

Facebook post featuring Sarah Palin and her son, Trig, with the text "A show topic yesterday in which Andrew innocuously referred to Sarah Palin's son, Trig, as "Down's Syndrome-afflicted" spurned several complaints alleging that calling Down's Syndrome an "affliction" is wrong. Do you agree, or is it splitting hairs?"

On January 6th, I was invited to speak on AM980’s Andrew Lawton Show about a recent Facebook post on the radio station’s fan page stating Trig, Sarah Palin’s son, was “Down Syndrome-afflicted.” Mr. Lawton and I had an engaging conversation around whether or not the term “afflicted” is offensive or if people are simply nitpicking for political correctness. For those who were not able to tune in to the broadcast, I’ve decided to write a short meandering blog post outlining why we need to stop referring to disabled people as being “afflicted.” Continue reading “Are the disabled ‘afflicted’?”