Jeff delivering a presentation entitled "Communication Through Meme"Born with a rare neuromuscular myopathy, Jeff has spent his life dedicated to advocating for himself and others with disabilities. With a PhD in Media Studies from Western University, Jeff’s research focuses on the representation of disability in popular and digital culture. Jeff is currently an Assistant Professor of Disability Studies at King’s University College @ Western University in London, ON.


For businesses, Jeff is great as a keynote speaker to open a conference or to lead smaller breakout sessions on some of the following topics:

  • Accessibility
  • Disability and the workplace
  • Inclusiveness and diversity
  • Empowerment and achieving success
  • Strategic planning
  • Mainstream media training
  • New media/social networks

Schools and community groups can also benefit from hearing Jeff speak, offering both large presentations and classroom facilitation on topics like:

  • Understanding disability
  • Developing adapted classrooms/programming
  • Self empowerment and goal setting
  • Anti-bullying and self confidence
  • Effective fund raising

If your school or business is interested in having Jeff speak, please contact me for more information on pricing and availability.



Image from Maclean's magainze of Justin Trudeau sitting in a wheelchair
An Open Letter to Justin Trudeau
The following is an open letter I sent to Justin Trudeau this morning regarding the lack of accessibility at Liberal
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An empty wheelchair at the bottom of a flight of stairs
The problem with “Spend a Day in a Wheelchair”
Many advocates, myself included, often point to the general population’s ignorance of the experience of disability as being central to the oppression faced
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Blue accessibility symbols, including wheelchair, sign language, mental health and seeing
An Open Letter to Provincial Candidates re: Accessibility
To celebrate National Accessibility Week, I recently sent out the following letter to all London candidates of the upcoming provincial
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“Enjoy Your Disability” at the Common Pulse Festival
Clara and I were in Durham, ON at the Common Pulse Festival this past weekend, where we developed this art
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Youth Activist Forum @ Carleton University
This past weekend I was at the Youth Activist Forum, put together by Citizens with Disabilities — Ontario (CWD-O). Presenting
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New Episode of Cripz — Starring Role
A lot has been made of the fact that most disabled characters on television and in movies are actually played
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OT Class @ UWO
Yesterday I faced the snowpocolypse to deliver a guest lecture at Dr. Klinger’s 2nd year OT Class on Representations of
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New Episode of Cripz — Harry Potter
Another fresh offering over at Cripz: A Webcomic, this week featuring a parody of the recently released movie, Harry Potter.
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Jeff Preston is currently an Assistant Professor in Disability Studies at King’s University College at Western University.

Some recent publications…

  • Preston, Jeffrey. The Fantasy of Disability. (Routledge) 2016.
  • Haller, Beth and Jeffrey Preston. “Confirming Normalcy: ‘Inspiration Porn’ and the Construction of the Disabled Subject” in Disability and Social Media. Eds. Kate Ellis, Mike Kent. (Ashgate Publishers) 2016.
  • Preston, Jeffrey. “Battle Lines Drawn: Creative resistance to ableism through online media” in Canadian Disability Activism Beyond the Charter: Locating cultural and artistic interventions. Eds. Christine Kelly, Michael Orsini. (University of British Columbia Press) 2016.
  • Preston, Jeffrey. “Why Organizations Need to be Proactive on Accessibility” in Public Sector Digest. Nov 1. Web.

Courses Developed and Taught at King’s University College, Western University and Fanshawe College

  • DS3311: Changing Contexts and Practices
  • DS2216B: Disability, Media and Madness
  • DS2211B: Disability Art, Sport and Leisure
  • DS1010: Exploring Disability
  • MIT3652G: Communication Through Meme: Cool Story, Bro
  • MIT3435F: Disability in Popular Culture: Heroes, Villains, and Burdens
  • MKTG7009: Managing Customer Relationships
  • MKTG7002: Marketing II
  • MKTG6015: Non-Profit & Event Marketing
  • MGMT5022: Not For Profit Marketing
  • MKTG3033: Advertising Mediums
  • MKTG1028: Secondary Market Research